Enabling Enterprise Through talent

Smart-tech solutions to Find, Engage & Grow Talent


Enabling Enterprise Through Talent 

The future isn’t digital: it’s human.

The biggest challenge for business is how to find, engage and develop talent for people-enabled enterprise.

As industries undergo unprecedented change through pandemics, automation, digital shifts, changing consumer demands and the drift to Industry 4.0: the Future-Of-Work and the talent landscape is changing at lightning pace.

So for business adaptability in an increasingly digital world: 

    We build smart talent platforms, for a human-powered future.

New generation talent tools.

Find, Engage, Grow.



Our Talent-tech Story

The ‘About Us’ bit

We speak talent.

Availery comes from years of recruitment and technology experience:

 1. FIND – First, we created a Smart-Match talent-finding platform, for niche industries to host their sectors talent hub, turning “recruitment” into “enablement”.

 2. ENGAGE – Then, we built a Smart-Start engagement portal to fix the paper-pain, legal and compliance risks of traditional contractor onboarding.

 3. GROW – Now, we’re solving the Skills-Shortage issue, through data-driven technology to provide person-level skills insights, training pathways and mapping to professional opportunities.

And, we’re purpose driven:  planting trees for every person, every project, every month.

Years in Recruitment

Years in Technology

Projects Resourced

Trees planted

Partner Opportunities

People-enabled futures

Through Smart-Tech platforms & solutions


Smart-Match: Our new generation talent-finding platform

There’s job board software… then there’s Availery’s SMART-MATCH.

Job board software gives you a classifieds-style, pay-per-advertisement and wait-for-applicants list.  Availery enables businesses to smart-match and self-serve talent on-demand straight from your memberbase or readership – fully insured, compliant, labour-hire accredited and back-office enabled.

An Availery Smart-Match page is literally a new business solution line and new member-service.

This creates a compelling new revenue stream for you, while helping the people and projects of your specialist industry FIND® each other faster.

You don’t need any recruitment experience: businesses already have processes they use to interview and select permanent staff and contract workers.

What they don’t have is a dedicated industry-specific platform,  which smart-matches people with projects based on availability, skills and budget.

This is where you can help:  As an industry specialist, your tailored, white-labelled Availery platform plugs into your existing site, helping the companies of your industry FIND® the specialist talent of your members in efficient, sustainable, live real-time.

Thinking about launching a job board? Offer real talent engagement instead, with an Availery Smart-Match solution.

1. Plug us in

Availery is unique, but fully SaaS: this means you can start using your new platform straight away… without having to invest time and money in building, coding, developing, maintaining or hosting it, and you don’t have to buy subscriptions or pay for licenses for it. It’s as simple as:

–  Create your new Careers tab on your existing website

–  Choose your specific industry skills

–  Plug in your Availery platform

…Then share the good news with your readers, followers and industry so workers know to register with the platform for your clients to start finding them.

2. Invite your users


–  Skilled workers register their talents, availability, working preferences, rates, industry experiences, qualifications, location & any other fields you need to customise to your niche market sector.

–  Employers launch their project roles for free, get smart-matched to available talent in real time that they can contact directly, saving everyone time and money

–  Engage through your platform: fully insured, labour-hire accredited, agency licensed with an established back-office for time-sheeting, billing, invoicing and contractor payroll.

3. Managed Services

Fully legal, compliant, labour-hire accredited, insured with established back-office. Availery provides you with:

–  Your own dedicated Platform Success Manager

–  Market research & proof-of-concept support

–  Business case & revenue generation tools

–  Marketing & content creation collateral

– The contractor contracts and paperwork

–  Full PI/PL & Workers Comp Insurance

–  Online timesheets

–  Invoicing clients / Paying workers

–  Contractor care & admin

…..& planting trees for every worker, every month

4. Earn trees

We believe that industry should grow more than just business and careers…So we tied the growth of natural habitat to the growth of Australian companies and project teams.

Now we work with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, funding green outcomes all over the country.

If you’ve been looking for a practical but easy way to incorporate sustainable initiatives, imagine if we were planting trees for everyone, on every project team, every month, for every match made through your Availery-powered talent page.

Grow More Than Just Business & Careers.



Features of an Availery Smart-Match platform include …


– Live visibility of current & future availability
– Real-time booking online
– Instant contact & contract
-Smart-match: browse or refine


– Free to register
– Free to launch unlimited projects
– Cheaper than recruitment agencies
– Revenue plants trees


Availery plants real trees for;
– every person
– every project
– every month


– Government accredited labour-hire
– Recruitment Agency licensed
– $20m PI/PL insurance
– Full Workers Comp / Work Cover

CASE STUDY: Availery Smart-Match platform in action

FIND® SAP people & projects:

InsideSAP Careers, powered by Availery


InsideSAP is the market leading independent platform for the SAP industry across Australia, New Zealand and Asian regions.

With a readership of 1000’s of people across business, projects and consulting; InsideSAP is beautifully positioned to connect the employers and talent of this niche and specific industry. Check out their Availery powered careers page, which provides real-time access to SAP talent on-demand, on a platform loaded with 100’s of locally based, SAP certified, project-ready consultants.

Because the Future-Of-Work

(is already here)



Smart-Start: Our Agile Workforce Onboarding platform

Upfront Compliance & Risk Mitigation for your contingent workforce.

Getting it done can mean manually engaging contingent labour, usually through multiple channels and disparate sources. Entry points may be direct applicants, recruitment agencies, staff referrals, returning workers, partner resources, permanent-to-contract conversions.

But the problems this multi-avenue entries cause include lack of standards, missing signatures, unknown insurances, T&C differences, untraceable variations and manual error-prone processing.

These risks means employer companies can be held accountable for statutory employment benefits and financial obligations to workers, insurance and compliance issues; all of which can result in legal penalties, litigation and claims against the company.

Smart-Start mitigates all of those risks, through a control portal which standardises contracts, gets them signed, onboards your workers, insures them, ensures they are correctly PAYG or ABN engages, remits payroll tax, manages their timesheet and even does the billing and payrolling. 

 Using contractors?  Give them a Smart-Start.


Enterprise Through Talent

Using transferrable Skills Clusters



Insights, pathways, opportunities


Availery is tackling the skills-shortage issue through data-driven solutions, to enable workforce transitions from declining industries to rising ones.

Working with cutting edge AI and Machine Learning technologies, Availery is designing predictive cultures and analytics over a big data environment of 1000’s of defined talent clusters, to map transferrable skills, identify training requirements and connect people to new work opportunities.

Currently in development, Availery’s ‘RELAUNCH’ platform is an innovative approach to provide person-level skills insights, to enable enterprise through talent.




FIND® Sustainability

Availery plants trees for every person, every project, every month.


Your new Availery platform will be growing more than just business and careers.

We use the activity through your Availery platform to fund habitat regeneration, with every hire earning trees we plant in partnership with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. We believe business is a key driver of positive change and are proud to link business growth to forest growth as a simple, accountable, practical way of providing more sustainable environmental outcomes.

Offer your clients a greener way to find talent.


Your industry, your site, our tech, we plant trees
We’d love to learn about your platform and how ours could help grow your business. Here’s some answers to general questions, while we look forward to discussing your specific enquiry.
How is an Availery page different to an online job board?
Our customisable white-label platform is digital disruption for generic online classifieds.

We partner with specialist providers like you, to service specialist industries.

Availery solves common talent challenges by providing:

–  Smart-matching to very niche and industry-specific skillsets

–  Real-time and forward worker availability

–  Automatic updates to candidates throughout the whole process

–  Insured, compliant and contract-ready workers

–  Labour-hire accredited engagement medium

–  In-built contractor management and back-end processing

–  Digital, secure, live online for any-time, any-where access to talent through a trusted and credible industry partner: you

It’s free for your clients to launch as many projects as they need, with no pay-per-job advertising expense, no complicated buy-credits-for-access type CV databases, no pricey recruitment agency fees.

We also offer managed services, literally extra recruitment experts to further support your clients. Use your Availery Platform Success Manager to help your clients in any stage of the process from launching roles, to  shortlisting, organising interviews, performing reference checks, onboarding, induction co-ordination and everything in between.

Plus, unlike many of the generic online job boards: Availery is fully Australian owned, built and carbon-neutral.

Wouldn’t workers register directly with employers?
There are 1000’s of employers – while workers can generally submit CVs, they can rarely access, change or update their own basic information yet alone live availability.

Availery also works as a contractor care and management platform, saving workers admin time and business expense by covering them for insurances and cashflow.

A digital, centralised, secure cloud-based platform creates a single-source-of-truth and access: meaning one record for workers to maintain, in order to share their availability with all your clients in one trusted place.

What are the benefits of a digital platform?
Painless, paperless, contactless.

Availery is cloud-based and fully digital. There is nothing to print or handle. Automatic notifications and emails are built into every step.

Workers can change their availability and preferences at any time AND see where they are up to in any and every recruitment process any time they like.

Your clients can open, close and reopen projects from home, the office or on the go, anytime, anywhere. They don’t need to be logged into any internal HR or VPN systems, and don’t need pricey user licenses to get to their dashboards. This means they can resource requirements faster and get people working sooner.

And they earn trees for every person, every project, every month.

What does the monthly subscription cost?
No monthly subscription cost.
What does the user license cost?
No user license cost.
What is the annual fee?
No annual fee.
What is the pricing structure?
There is one-off partner establishment fee to get your site customised, branded, up and running.

Then, you start receiving money…

When clients find workers through your site: a flat, transparent margin is added to a worker’s daily rate or permanent placement fee. This covers everything from tax to insurance to payroll and billing.

You receive a % of this margin and placement fee on all engagements for ever after.

What does the margin on workers cover?

It covers the workers state government set payroll tax, $20mil public indemnity insurances, $20mil professional liability insurances, workers compensation insurances, contractor management, billing admin, ABN/PAYG/superannuation remittance, our service fee and your recurring profit margin. And the trees.

The margin is built into worker rates, for a simple way for companies to engage talented, insured, compliant and contract-ready workers no matter what your industry.

What’s the process to find out more & get this happening?
1.  Get in touch: hello@availery.com We’ll check there’s not already a partner from your specific industry and when you’re approved: You’ll get your own Success Manager to be your dedicated point-of-contact throughout the whole process and ever after.

2.  Craft the list of skills and sub-skills in demand within your industry – all on a spreadsheet is fine, your Success Manager will share a template to make it even faster.

3.  Our techies will work with your techies around plugging-in your very own white-labelled Availery platform with your branding for a super-fast implementation over just a few days.

And that’s it.

Tell your clients, invite your users and start promoting your new talent-booking service under your own logo.

You are fully powered by Availery’s clever smart-match engine, labour-hire accreditation, worker insurances and super-efficient back-office.

Get your talent platform happening

Let’s talk TALENT


Thinking about launching an industry specialist Smart-Match talent service?

Or need to better control your contractors through your very own Smart-Start portal?

Our SaaS platforms are already built to get you 80% there, now we’ll tailor the rest together.

Find out more: